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Athletic Training in Houston

About Athletic Training

When someone decides to work with an athletic training specialist, they are looking to obtain one thing: results. Kenneth Williams Fitness athletic training has built a solid reputation of delivering amazing results backed by athletes and coaches.

Athletic performance training is a comprehensive, safe, and effective training program for those looking to maximize their performance and bring their skillset to the next level. It provides individuals with an opportunity to gain experience in advanced, specialized training and gives them an edge over other athletes.

Kenneth Williams Fitness believes training is designed to increase an athlete’s energy, stamina, durability, and mental fitness. This hybrid approach builds upon your core muscles and helps you develop sport-specific strengths. With a focus on agility and footwork, Kenneth Williams Fitness designs and implements a training program specific to your sport in order to help with speed, acceleration, and reaction.

Using flexible bands, medicine balls, unstable surfaces, ropes, and other “out-of-the-box” pieces of equipment, Kenneth Williams Fitness creates unique and highly effective exercises that work to improve the athletic performance of athletes. Athletes will truly see a difference in their strength and power as they travel and play their sport.

Athletic Training

Kenneth Williams Fitness athletic training exercises are designed for individual athletes. Their training is uniquely developed through studying the movement patterns of the sport and then creating functional exercises based on those movements.

Training this way not only creates athletic power and core strength but also prepares the athlete’s body for their sport-specific demands.

Contact Kenneth Williams Fitness for a free consultation and to learn more about athletic training and other sport-specific conditioning.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

What problems drove you to seek a personal trainer?

I weighed in at 390 lbs and my doctor told me he would try to get me to 30 years old before my FIRST heart attack. I did not want that to happen. I was on medicine to control my sugar (I was borderline type 2 diabetic) and high blood pressure. I am off of both of those medications now.

Chris Garcia

What problems drove you to seek a personal trainer?

I consumed myself with work not stopping to think what I was doing to my body. During the past 5 years I gained about 50 lbs.

Elisa Garcia

Please describe your results with Kenneth’s solution

I dropped 12% body fat and I have kept it off. I have gained strength; endurance and I have more body definition than ever before. Kenneth created a workout and eating program that works for me. Kenneth takes the time to listen to each client and he tailors each program to help his client achieve his/her fitness goals. No two clients are the same with Kenneth. I have achieved more positive results with Kenneth’s training than I have ever achieved with any other trainer, in Ohio and in Texas.

Lisa Sobel

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